George Green Lodge

A London Based Universities Scheme Lodge


Who can become a member?

Freemasonry is a secular society of men who must be at least eighteen years of age. It is open to people of all races, religions and creeds. By extension, it expects that its members must believe in a Supreme Being, but who that Supreme Being is and whether it forms part of an organised religion is of no relevance.

In addition, Freemasonry is based on a number of intrinsic concepts and principles that include:

a/ Always treating others with the care, consideration and respect that you would expect them to treat yourself, irrespective of any discrimination including that of race or religion. This concept Freemasons call Brotherly Love.

b/ As your circumstances permit then to become involved in supporting charitable causes and worthwhile community endeavours most especially the giving of your some of your free time as a volunteer. This concept Freemasons call Relief.

c/ Strive to be a constant good friend and neighbour with words and actions governed by kindness, understanding, integrity and morality. This concept Freemasons call Truth.

Should a man of any race, religion or creed who believes in a Supreme Being consider joining our Brotherhood, then he must be willing to adhere to these concepts and principles whilst feeling a readiness to pursue and practice them.

It should be noted that there are also lady freemasons in England who operate under an allied though separate constitution.

Why join?

Freemasonry is about sharing a common desire to make a difference to one’s immediate and wider community including charitable support whilst following a moral code, focused on following core masonic principles and in the process positively improving oneself and others. One of our greatest strengths is that if freemasonry is a society open to all men of any race, creed, religion, political belief and status.

How to join?

New candidates can either be recommended through the United Grand Lodge Universities Scheme or via George Green Lodge by two existing members who will be your proposer and seconder whether from a freshers fair, by knowing an existing member or coming along to one of our social events.

It is a common misconception that you have to be invited to become a freemason.  This is simply not true and if you are interested in joining all you need to do is let us know by simply contacting George Green.

The joining process

Members of George Green Lodge will be delighted to meet you informally for a friendly chat discussing any notions and answering any questions you might have. Thereafter there will be a formal interview and a joining form submitted on your behalf. After your initiation, all new members of George Green are looked after and supported by our Lodge Mentor in conjunction with other lodge officers likewise tasked to assist and guide together with your proposer and seconder as you take your first step on what we know will be an inspiring and very rewarding masonic personal journey coupled with lots of enjoyment and fun.

Time involved

We will meet annually on four Saturday mornings at Freemason’s Hall and formally luncheon after three of those meetings. We will also hold a Lodge of Instruction similarly held at Freemasons Hall on a weekday evening or another Saturday morning to practice the ceremony and work at that meeting. Whilst freemasonry is a hobby and should never impose upon your private or social life, if you do you wish to progress into an office and eventually become Master of the Lodge, then it is important to attend each Lodge of Instruction once you become a Master Mason.

Cost of membership

The costs of lodge membership vary, but as a University Scheme Lodge with many student members, we will keep the cost as modest as possible. This is the reason we will only be formally dining three times a year but will ensure we get the best festive board experience at a dining establishment close to Freemasons Hall.

Making a Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge

By joining George Green Lodge, coming to the Meetings and attending the Lodge of Instruction you will become an active and knowledgeable Master Mason well on the path to experiencing a lifetime of intellectual and spiritual fulfillment with likeminded friends and enjoying what many consider to be the ultimate hobby. With time we look forward to you becoming Master of the Lodge and beyond.


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